Proxmox Virtual Environment (Proxmox VE) — система виртуализации с открытым исходным кодом,
основанная на Debian GNU/Linux.
В качестве гипервизоров использует KVM и LXC (начиная с версии 4.0, в версиях до 3.4 включительно
использовали OpenVZ).

После установки Proxmox, если не купили подписку, удаляем PVE-Enterprise репозиторий:

Обновляем список пакетов и можно сразу же установить все последние обновления:

Внимание: Устанавливаем обновления на свой страх и риск. Рекомендую вывести сервер из PROD перед
след. действиями:

Отличия между PVE-Enterprise and Free репозиториями:

There are some doubts about the stability of the new pve-no-subscripton repository so I will explain the current release policy, the development- and build process of Proxmox VE in detail:

we are committed to 100 % open source: the whole development progress and all source code is always visible on
the communication between developers (internal and external) is happening on our mailing list (pve-devel)
all feedback from our users, from or via bug reports via is taken into consideration and is moving step by step into the project
all new code is tested from our core developers and our community developers on their test servers and their test labs
all new deb packages go to the Proxmox VE test lab for testing and validation. There is no deb package in our repositories without going through these tests.
after all these this, we upload these debs to the pve-no-subscription repo (history shows that packages are quite stable at this stage)
In short, pve-no-subscription is not a beta or unstable release repository. It is quite stable and well tested software and it is not the replacement of the old beta repo (pvetest). It is a replacement for the pve repository.

Пакеты в pve-enterprise перемещаются только через некоторое время после того, как они были обкатаны
в pve-no-subscription.